For this purpose, the Society organizes various activities such as exhibitions, workshops, concerts, introduction of Japanese movie and video films, meetings with Japanese individual citizens and groups, participation in charity bazaars, assistance to Croatian and Japanese citizens who need our advises or assistance etc.


About Northern Shinano Obuse Film Festival Sixty-Second Cinema Competition
by Neo Alagic
Did you know that creative and diverse cinema competition of Obuse (with vide variety of movies lasting only sixty seconds each – hence the name “Sixty-Second Cinema Competition”) was inspired by a Croatian Movie Cup held each May in Požega?


The Embassy of Japan in Croatia organised a concert of Yoshino Naoko.

Impression of Yoshino Naoko’s Harp Recital from Alagic Neo

“Although harp music may not be in the mainstream of classical music, I believe that the harp has many exciting possibilities as a solo instrument, as well as being active in chamber music and orchestral music.” – Is the introductory quote which is also a formal greeting to all the newcomers to Yoshino-san’s internet website.