About us

Headquarters in Zagreb

  • Established: June 19, 2001. in Zagreb, MB: 1579223
  • President: Mr. Ivan Slade
  • Secretary: Ms. Martina Gorsa
  • Bank a/c No.2360000-1101444974, ZABA, Zagreb, Croatia

  • Executive Committee: Ms. Dragica Jedvaj, Mr. Božidar Husinec, Ms Anica Vlašić Anić, Mr. Tonći Tadić, Mr. Zdravko Barišnik, Mr. Davor Margetić

  • Supervisory Committee: Ms. Nada Caren, Ms. Božica Šorgić


Our work

Our Society consists of voluntary citizens who wish and work to develop Croatian and Japanese relations in culture, science, economy, sports etc.

The Society is still young but its founders and core-members had shown their interest in Japan even before its establishment and have been engaged in the activities connected with Japan.

The direct opportunity of the establishment of the Society was the participation and the highest award to the Croatian group in "Japan flora 2000". There, the founders of our Society reproduced Primošten wine-yard with rocks and vegetation sent from Velebit and Adriatic coast. The three enthusiastic Croatian citizens achieved this success: Ms. Nada Caren, Mr. Dragutin Kiš and Mr. Zvonko Pongrac.

Most of our members have their own jobs and act voluntarily in the Society, using their spare time. We have not yet reached satisfying level of the activities, so we are going to continue with our efforts and try to make it better, pleasant and socially useful.

Our homepage has just started in Croatian, Japanese and English. We plan to build links with various groups, organizations and companies for better communications.

Your opinions, suggestions and proposals on the activities are much appreciated and we welcome you to our Society.